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Common Abbreviations for Attached Files

When receiving an attachment, the name of the file will be followed by an abbreviated suffix, called a "file name extension." This tells the recipient's computer what program to use to open the file. Listed to the right are some of the more common file name extensions.

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 .AIF   Audio Interchange File, a sound format used by Macintosh and Silicon Graphics applications.
 .AOL   America On-Line related file.
 .APP   Executable application file (DR-DOS - NeXTstep - Atari - EPOC).
 .ASC   Pretty Good Privacy armored encrypted file.
 .ASC   Ascii text for cross platform use.
 .AU   Sound file for Sun/NeXT/DEC/UNIX
 .AVI   Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved file for Windows movie.
 .BIN   Macintosh compressed binary file.
 .BMP   Windows or OS/2 bitmap image.
 .BPS   Microsoft Works Document
 .CPT   Compressed Macintosh file archive (Compact Pro), encrypted memo file (dBASE), template (CA-Cricket Presents), bitmap graphics (Corel Photo-Paint).
 .DAT   ASCII or binary data file (many applications).
 .DOC   Document produced by FrameMaker, FrameBuilder, WordStar, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, DisplayWrite, et. al.
 .DOS   Win95 DOS related file.
 .ENC   Encoded file - UUENCODEd file (Lotus 1-2-3 - uuencode).
 .EPI   Encapsulated PostScript (text and graphics) (Express Publisher).
 .EPS   Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (Image produced by Adobe Illustrator)
 .EXE   Executable file (Windows program) these can contain viruses.
 .FAQ   Frequently Asked Questions text file.
 .FM   FileMaker Pro Database.
 .FP   FileMaker Pro data file.
 .FP3   FileMaker Pro 3.0 document. For versions 4 and 5 just add the correct number.
 .GIF   Bitmap image (Commonly used on Web Pages).
 .HEX   Macintosh BinHex encoded file archive (ascii).
 .HQX   BinHex (Macintosh compressed file).
 .HTM   HyperText Markup Language document for the web (WWW).
 .HTML   HyperText Markup Language document also for the web. (WWW).
 .JAV   Java language source code file.
 .JPE   JPEG Joint Photography Experts Group format bitmap graphics.
 .JPEG   JPEG Joint Photography Experts Group format bitmap graphics.
 .JPG   JPEG bitmap image produced by various programs.
 .MCW   MacWrite II - MS Word for Macintosh text document.
 .MME    Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) email format.
 .MP   MPEG compressed movie file.
 .MP2   Sound file (MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Stream).
 .MP3   Sound file (MPEG-1 Layer III Audio Stream).
 .MPA   Sound file (MPEG-1 Audio Stream).
 .MPG   MPEG movie animation, various platforms.
 .MPT   Bitmap graphics (Multipage TIFF).
 .MOV   Movie (QuickTime for Microsoft Windows, AutoCAD/AutoFlix).
 .NXT   Sound file (NeXT format).
 .P65   Pagemaker 6.5 document.
 .PCT   PICT drawing (picture file for Macintosh and others).
 .PDF   Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format file (cross platform).
 .PGP   Pretty Good Privacy encrypted file.
 .PIC   Picture file (PC Paint, Lotus, SDSC Image Tool, Macintosh) 3D Image file (SoftImage).
 .PKA   Compressed file archive (PKArc).
 .PS   Adobe Postscript document (text/graphics).
 .PSD   Adobe Photoshop bitmap graphics file format.
 .QBW   QuickBooks for Windows spreadsheet.
 .QTX   QuickTime extension.
 .QXD   Quark Express document.
 .RMM   RealPlayer audio file.
 .RMP   RealAudio audio file.
 .RPM   RealAudio plugin.
 .RTF   Rich Text Format text document (many applications).
 .SEA   Self-expanding archive (used by Stuffit for Mac files and possibly by others).
 .SIT   Compressed archive of Mac files (Stuffit).
 .SMI   Disk Image (very acurate self extracting file archive).
 .SND   Sound file (Sun/NeXT/Tandy/Apple Macintosh Sound file formats).
 .SPM   WordPerfect Data file.
 .TAR   Compressed file tape archives (tar).
 .TIF   Tag image bitmap file (TIFF) Multi-platform pictures from various programs.
 .TTF   Truetype Font.
 .TXT   ASCII text files, also for music. Multi-platform.
 .UU   UU-encoded compressed file, UNIX platform.
 .UUE   Encoded file archive (ascii) (uuencode).
 .VBS   Script file (Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows) The ILOVEYOU virus was a .vbs file.
 .VOC   Sound file (Creative Lab's) (PlayVoc).
 .WAV   Sound file (RIFF WAVE waveform audio format) (Media Player).
 .WDB   MS Works Database file.
 .WIZ   Microsoft Word Wizard.
 .WP   WordPerfect Text document.
 .WP4   WordPerfect 4.x Text document.
 .WP5   WordPerfect 5.x Text document.
 .WP6   WordPerfect 6.x Text document.
 .WPD   Text document for WordPerfect 6.0 - PFS:WindowWorks.
 .XLB   MS Excel Worksheet.
 .XLC   MS Excel Chart.
 .XLD   MS Excel Dialog sheet.
 .XLK   MS Excel Backup.
 .XLL   MS Excel XLL add-in.
 .XLM   MS Excel Macro.
 .XLS   MS Excel Spreadsheet.
 .XLT   MS Excel Template.
 .ZIP   Zip file (Compressed archive usually Windows)