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Message Rules in Microsoft Outlook Express
  Using Outlook Express 5.0 E-mail Client Software via Windows 98

The Message Rules window can be opened by clicking your cursor arrow on "Tools" in the menu bar and selecting "Message Rules" from the drop-down menu.

Mail Rules Tab    
- Create rules which can be applied to e-mail messages. For example, you can create a rule that deletes unwanted e-mail with certain words in the subject or a rule that forwards messages from a certain sender to another e-mail address. You can filter e-mail messages using various criteria.
News Rules Tab  

NEWS RULES - Similar to Mail Rules, you can create rules for reading news messages. There are options for highlighting, flagging and marking messages as read. You can also delete messages older than a certain number of days or messages from certain senders.

Blocked Senders Tab  
- Automatically move messages from specific e-mail addresses or entire domains to the "Deleted Items" folder so they don't show up in your Inbox. You can also choose to block mail messages, news messages or both mail and news messages from these senders. For example, if you are getting spam from a certain domain, just add that domain to your Blocked Senders.


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