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Options In Outlook Express
  Using Outlook Express 5.0 E-mail Client Software via Windows 98

The Options window can be opened by clicking your cursor arrow on "Tools" in Outlook Express's menu bar and selecting "Options" from the drop-down menu.

General   GENERAL - Various general options for Outlook Express and general options for sending and receiving messages.
Read   READ - Options for reading and marking read messages and news as well as font options for reading messages.
Receipts   RECEIPTS - Options for requesting read receipts and returning read receipts.
Send   SEND - Options for sending messages and news.
Compose   COMPOSE - Options for font settings used to compose messages, stationery (backgrounds and colors) for mail and news and virtual business cards.
Signatures   SIGNATURES - Options for adding digital signatures to messages as well as editing digital signatures.
Spelling   SPELLING - Options for spell checking messages and adding words to a custom dictionary which spell check will ignore.
Security   SECURITY - Options for security zones and digital IDs to increase or decrease the security of your e-mail.
Connection   CONNECTION - Options for dial-up connections and Internet connections settings.
Maintenance   MAINTENANCE - Options for cleaning up deleted and stored messages and advanced troubleshooting options.


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