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Anatomy of a Web Browser
  Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Browser Toolbar - Windows 98  
Back Button BACK  Clicking on the "Back" button returns you to the web page you visited just prior to the page your are currently accessing. The button will be "grayed out" if there is no previously visited page.
Forward Button FORWARD  Clicking on the "Forward" button also enables you to review pages you recently visited. It will be "grayed out" if you haven't used your "Back" button.
Stop Button STOP  Clicking on the "Stop" button on your browser's toolbar stops the browser from downloading any web page or link currently in process. It's usually used when a web page is taking too long to open. This abandons the attempt to open the page so the user can attempt to open an alternate page. This function is often times used in conjunction with the "Refresh" button to help pages load completely.
Refresh Button REFRESH  This button redisplays the most recent version of the displayed page. It is often used to attempt to re-access a URL if the web page does not load correctly the first time.
Home Button HOME  The "Home" button returns you to your start page ... usually the home page of your Internet Service Provider.
Search Button SEARCH  This button provides access to a number of websites (i.e. Yahoo, Lycos, etc.) that offer searching capabilities.
Favorites Button FAVORITES  "Favorites" enables you to bookmark your favorite web pages making it easy to find and visit them at a later date. This button is called "Bookmarks" on the Netscape Navigator browser toolbar.
History Button HISTORY  The "History" button displays a directory of web pages you've recently visited. The web addresses stored within this folder can be sorted and organized into subfolders for easier access.

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