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Tips & Warnings About Attachments

The warnings and tips to the right will help you avoid viruses and get a handle on e-mail attachments.

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 WARNING!   E-mail viruses are on the rise, and they typically spread through the passing on of e-mailed attachments. It is highly recommended that you NEVER OPEN AN ATTACHMENT without first verifying with the sender that it was something they intended for you to open.
 WARNING!   We recommend that you download/purchase an anti-virus software package that is able to scan e-mail attachments for possible viruses. Always make sure your virus protection program is up to date.
 WARNING!   Be careful when opening attachments as they may contain viruses. As a general rule, do not open attachments sent to you by people you do not know without first scanning it for viruses.
 WARNING!   Be careful opening an attachment ending in .exe. Clicking on these attachments will automatically open (self-execute) the attachment and possibly release a virus into your system.
TIP   You can also drag the attachment icon from the Message List Pane to your desktop to save it, and then open it from there.
TIP   Outlook Express will open JPEG and GIF image files directly inside the message. America Online does not read MIME attachments.
TIP   If you have a problem opening an attachment, you might try responding to the person who sent it to you asking them for the name of the program needed to view the contents of the attached file.